Hotbed Hotel

Michael E Parker(Samuel French)

Hotbed Hotel Cover


3 out of 5


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An American farce

Terri and Brian Cody are trying to sell their one star (and often one guest) hotel in the Florida Keys.

A prospective buyer is about to arrive from New York.

They decide to have the staff masquerade as paying guests to convince the him that the establishment is busy and prosperous.

Unfortunately, the staff consists of a bibulous maintenance man and a curvaceous but somewhat vacant young maid.

Add the eccentric retired British Army Major who resides at the hotel, a wealthy Arab Sheik (who looks suspiciously like the Major), a nymphomaniac dubbed The Barracuda during her annual stays, the prospective buyer's girlfriend and, unexpectedly, his wife, and you have a laugh a minute merry go round that leaves audiences screaming with delight.

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