Herding Cats

Lucinda Coxon(Nick Hern Books)

Herding Cats Cover


3.5 out of 5


from 20 ratings and 4 reviews

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A chillingly funny play that freeze-frames a generation negotiating intimacy and independence in the twenty-first century.

Meeting the demands of twenty-first-century life is as impossible as herding cats for Justine, Michael and Saddo.

Justine has an infuriating new boss, Michael chats to strangers for a living, Saddo is one of them.

All three are living a comic fiction in an attempt to avoid the facts.

And now Christmas is coming... ready or not.

'the polished black shards of humour and ripples of queasy horror make for a compelling cackle into the void' - Time Out

'Lucinda Coxon's brutal but icily funny three-hander is the dramatic equivalent of a triple shot of something bitter and delicious... fine theatre' - Evening Standard

‘Unforgettable’ - The Times

'A cool gaze on the disconnectedness of contemporary life which lets nobody off the hook...

So brutal, you almost forget to breathe' - Guardian

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