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Gum Cover


3.94 out of 5


from 17 ratings and 3 reviews

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In Karen Hartman’s "juicyfruit tragedy," two young sisters discover new appetites within the walls of their father’s garden.

Gum explores the need to tame nature in a fictional fundamental country where the title candy is contraband and every desire has its price.

"A brief, intense, beguiling, sensual, witty, impassioned, deeply moving and brightly burnished gem"—<i>San Francisco Examiner.

</i>Also <i>includes The Mother of Modern Censorship</i>.

<b>Karen Hartman </b>is the author of <i>Girl Under Grain, Troy Women and Alice: Tales of a Curious Girl.</i> She is a native of San Diego who lives in Brooklyn and is currently the playwright-in-residence at Princeton University.


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