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4m, 2f / Dramatic Comedy Something is not right.

There is a secret humidity in the air in a town where the breezes have been on strike for two hundred years.

Soledad thinks she is Alexis Carrington from Dynasty and feels itchy.

Chaparro can't seem to scratch her itch anymore.

Esteban might just be the man for the job.

And Adela watches it all unfold as if it were a soap opera on TV.

Maybe it is?

Anything is possible in Fuente, an almost-real town, somewhere between where North America ends and South America begins.

Fuente is a magically-real comedy set in a remote desert town about love, revenge, escape, and the perilous powers of Aquanet hairspray.

"The play, Fuente, is powerful, moving and original, which after a three-year development process and a Herrick Theatre Foundation Prize for New Play, is being given a smartly staged, well acted world premiere at Boyd's smaller venue in Sheffield.

Cram has written a small-scale at once real and mythical epic about love, vengeance and one's sense of place.

The language is earthy (this is NOT a family show!) and poetic.

The characters and their stories are sad but also funny enough to have the audience burst out laughing.

The Garcia Marquez-like magic is amusingly propelled by a bottle of Aqua Net hair spray."

- CurtainUp.com


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