French Waitress And Other Plays

John Patrick Shanley(Dramatists Play Service)

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Dramatists Play Service is proud to present six new short plays by John Patrick Shanley: In FRENCH WAITRESS, Ricky and his girlfriend Pamela sit down to an unsettling meal, served to them by a beautiful but unnerving French waitress.

AN OLD STORY is a tale of the subtle distinctions between pain and pleasure, fear and exhilaration, necessity and desire.

JEALOUS pits one couple’s love against otherworldy forces.

In POLAND, a beautiful woman and a rich man are each looking for something or someone to rescue them from their lives.

Can they find a safer ground together?

LAST NIGHT IN THE GARDEN I SAW YOU follows one man’s journey over the fence into the house of a woman he abandoned.

Now that he’s returned, will she leave the life she’s built since his absence?

And if she won’t, will he truly let her live her life without him in peace?

In Mt.

Juliet, TENNESSEE, a lonely woman with the power of foresight is approached by a young man wanting to know his future.

Knowing one’s future, however, comes with the responsibility of accepting it or changing it.

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