Sheila Callaghan(Samuel French)

Fever/dream Cover


3.62 out of 5


from 14 ratings

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Comedy Characters: 3 male, 3 female, flexible castingChained to his desk in the basement of customer service hell, Segis suddenly finds himself set free in the CEO's penthouse-but is it a dream?

This raucous reinvention of Pedro Calderon de la Barca's Life is a Dream gleefully skewers corporate America with razor-sharp wit "Enjoyably stylish [with an] antic pace and witty aesthetic" - Washington Post"Ambitious, often uproarious."

- City Paper "A pizzazz-filled concoction that skewers corporatism with a generous supply side of laughs.

[Callaghan] is without doubt the purveyor of top-shelf American wit."

- Metro Weekly "[Callaghan has] a keen eye for the outlandish.

Exudes the kind of infectious zaniness that occasionally attracts cult followings."

- Variety "I can't remember the last time a play made me laugh so hard.

Between the chuckles and belly laughs, the dialog is surprisingly layered, and gives the audience plenty to think about.

Fever/Dream is about as funny as the sharpest Hollywood comedy, and far more rewarding."



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