False Pretences

Eric Chappell(Samuel French)

False Pretences


2 out of 5


from 1 rating

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Estate agent Kevin and his wife Valerie are to be subjected to an extended visit from her brother Victor, a none too successful con artist who has just been released from prison.

Victor is delighted to hear that wealthy widow Lucy is also staying with them and it isn't long before he sets about charming her with a valuable diamond bracelet he's got on approval from the local jewellers using the unwitting Kevin as surety.

But when events don't go quite according to plan Victor is forced to improvise very rapidly, not least with the bullish rugby playing bank manager, Tank, and his fellow team mate, Tom, the local jeweller.

And then a surprise visitor turns up in the form of Soapy Simpson (not so much artist by appointment to Her Majesty but rather more detained at Her Majesty's pleasure).

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