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Dazzling and sequin-studded, Kiss Me Quickstep is a play about the world of ballroom dance, taking us behind the fixed smiles and fake tan to look at the real lives of those for whom ballroom dancing is everything.

Justin and Jodie have finally made it to the national ballroom-dancing championships in Blackpool - via the motorway hard shoulder.

Luka's come all the way from Russia.

Nancy's been training for this since she was three.

Lee and Samantha arrive on a wave of success.

But what if your dance-floor dreams are turning into a nightmare?

How do you stop dancing to other people's tunes?

What can you do if your partner's secret could cost you the crown?

And, even when the whole world's at your feet, it only takes one false step...

Amanda Whittington's Kiss Me Quickstep premiered at New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme, in 2016, in a co-production between the New Vic and Oldham Coliseum Theatre.

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