Eternal Love

Howard Brenton(Nick Hern Books)

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3.52 out of 5


from 22 ratings and 4 reviews

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A spellbinding new telling of a passionate and legendary love story.

When Abelard begins a wild affair with his brilliant student Heloise, his enemies find the perfect pretext to destroy him.

Abelard is already on thin ice with the church over his contentious views and when Heloise bears his child out of wedlock, their affair becomes the scandal of the age...

Previously published as <i>In Extremis</i>, this new version of the play premiered in February 2014, co-produced by English Touring Theatre and the Globe Theatre.

'fascinating' - <i>Guardian</i>

'A passionate, bracing play of ideas that has topical urgency as well as historical fascination' - <i>Financial Times</i>

'Romeo and Juliet with more brains...

Brenton peers into medieval mindsets with an unashamedly modern sensibility.

Highly recommended' - <i>Daily Telegraph</i>

'a play for today in medieval costume' - <i>Independent</i>

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