Escape The Scaffold

Titas Halder(Oberon)

Escape The Scaffold Cover


I saw it so clearly - you and I in this house, dressed ready to depart.

Framed beautifully in this mirror.

It was like a freeze frame, stuck.

Then the image shatters and you crumple with the glass.

Escape the Scaffold is a dark and dangerous psychological thriller set against the background of a rapidly changing world.

Three best friends hunker down in their student house, forced to make decisions that will mark them for the rest of their lives.

Get a job.

Get married.

Put down the tequila and take the money.

Save yourself.

Love triangle turns to murderous betrayal.

Youthful idealism is tested, paranoia takes hold, and real life melts into a nightmare world.

The basement is filling with water and there is a monster in the house.

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