Eight Plays from The Heartland

Le Wilhelm(Samuel French)

Eight Plays from The Heartland Cover


Evelyn and the Environment:After her financee is killed by chemical fumes, Evelyn becomes increasingly paranoid.

Poison and disease lurk in every corner.

She refuses to touch money and brings her own silverware to the local restaurant.

By the end of the play, she has hermetically sealed herself from all contact.

**5:15 Greyhound: Two young people plan their escape from a tyrannical home with the help of their mother.

As the bus approaches, the brother and sister realize the depth of their love for each other.

** Floating Island: Two young women celebrate their mother's birthday on the river bank in a play that explores the stages of love and how often we are unaware of how deeply we care until the person is gone.**La Chienne in the Park: Joshua has been in an accident that paralyzed his legs.

In the park he encounters a young nymphet who is having an unrequited love affair with God.

A sexually charged war of wills ensues as they discover a certain commonality.**Mustard Seed: This play about having faith involves a woman who thinks small and saves her life.

**An Old Beagle Called Amour: Lucinda faces a dilemma when her sister Florence arrives and asks her to watch her old beagle.

Worse ensues as Lucinda learns that Florence is thinking about returning home after years of living in the city.

A whirlwind of conflicting emotions results.

** The Voyeur and the Widow: Elgen wants to be the best lover in the world.

He makes a bold suggestion to a young war widow and she is very tempted.**You Don't Have to Go to Kansas City to Meet the Devil: On a beautiful Sunday morning Christine encounters a tempting man after church.

The day and Christine change dramatically.

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