Dr Scroggy's War

Howard Brenton(Nick Hern Books)

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This third volume in the Theatre Café series brings together three more European plays, which received their UK premieres at Theatre Café Festivals.

<i>Clyde and Bonnie</i>: Parents!

Hide your children!

Hide your savings!

Clyde and Bonnie are back in town!

A play about responsibility, love and also about how to stay cool when the cops are hot on your heels.

In 2009, <i>Clyde and Bonnie</i> won two Austrian Theatre for Young People

Awards, including Best Theatre Production.

<i>Helver’s Night</i>: Carla's young charge, Helver, is fascinated by fascism – not by the ideology, which he is unable to grasp, but by the bravura of the movement.

As a violent occupying army rampages through his town, will Helver become a victim of his own fascination?

<i>Busstopkisser</i>: A boy.

A girl.

A bus stop.

18 kisses over 18 months.

Coffee and conversation by candlelight, a picnic under the Eiffel Tower.

Then the girl vanishes.

But was she ever really there?

A funny, unusual take on the classic boy‐meets‐girl scenario, <i>Busstopkisser</i> takes the audience on a mind-bending, tweet-sized journey through adolescent romance.


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