Dick Whittington and His Cat - The Musical

Jeff Church, Richard Gray(Dramatic Publishing)

Dick Whittington and His Cat - The Musical Cover


"Can a cat inspire love, loyalty, friendship and the spirit of giving?

Dick Whittington, a penniless orphan, arrives in London having heard there's a street paved with gold.

Cast aside and laughed at, a rich merchant takes pity on Dick and offers him a job.

Unfortunately, his housekeeper, Miss MacGrundy, hates the boy and houses Dick in a rat-filled attic.

When a stranger gifts Dick a cat, Trueheart, his luck changes.

A terrific mouser, Trueheart makes the beady red rat eyes in the room disappear (to the cheers of the kids in the audience).

When MacGrundy packs the cat off on one of the merchant's ships, Dick chooses to pursue his pet to the far reaches of the world, peopled with exotic characters who have encountered Trueheart, including a cat-napper pirate captain named Bloody Bess, who brings a pleasurable scare to the proceedings.

Richard Gray's rousing music is inspired by rowdy English pub songs and contemporary rhythm guitar-driven bands with big harmonies.

Dick Whittington and His Cat is a sweet and savory holiday tale that gives audiences young and old alike a taste of old London and the salty high seas."--

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