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‘You’re not even a fully formed person yet.

Your face is still changing and your bones are still growing but already there’s a detailed map of your personality out there and companies you’ve never heard of are getting rich off it.’

Welcome to Octopus Inc., the internet giant that allows users to exchange personal data for currency.

But not everyone is prepared to sacrifice their privacy for an easier life.

A teenager subverts the system in an attempt to save her mother.

A visionary tech exec takes shortcuts to get ahead.

And a cybercriminal makes a choice between two kinds of freedom.

Darknet navigates through the world of data commodification and the uncharted deep web, shining a light on the things we choose to share online and the places we can hide.

It was commissioned and produced by Potential Difference and premiered at Southwark Playhouse, London, in 2016.

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