Catherine Trieschmann(Samuel French)

Crooked Cover


3.67 out of 5


from 76 ratings and 4 reviews

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Fourteen year old Laney arrives in Oxford, Mississippi with a twisted back, a mother in crisis and a burning desire to be writer.

When she befriends Maribel Purdy, a fervent believer in the power of Jesus Christ to save her from the humiliations of high school, Laney embarks on a hilarious spiritual and sexual journey that challenges her mother's secular worldview and threatens to tear their fragile relationship apart.

"The work of a big accomplished writer's voice...a gem of a discovery."

-The New York Times "Gorgeous almost beyond belief."

-The London Times "This is a wonderfully neat play, at once simple and complex, grappling with big issues - matters of faith, fantasy and the flesh - while keeping its sneakers firmly planted on the suburban topsoil of adolescent angst and domestic frictions."

- The Daily Telegraph

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