Bleeding Kansas

Kathryn Walat(Samuel French)

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Historical DramaCharacters: 3 male, 2 femaleIt's 1855, Kansas Territory.

The country is divided.

People are turning against their neighbors because of their beliefs.

War is on the horizon.

Good people will do bad things and love will grow in places it shouldn't.

A provocative, funny and insightful play revisits a crucial moment in American history.

Homesteading farmers George and Kitty fight the elements to start a new life as a politically divided country takes a dangerous step towards civil war."To Walat's credit, her fast-moving play does not preach, merely raises questions, among them: Who are we as a nation?

What shaped us and why?

And does what we were-violent, intractable and destructive-play into our present-day society?...Bleeding Kansas is an excellent work" -San Diego News


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