Additional Particulars

Ed Simpson(Samuel French)

Additional Particulars


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3m, 1f / Comedy / Interiors The intersecting lives of four Save-a-Bundle Discount Mart employees are explored in Additional Particulars.

In the first act, Glenda Balitski, an optimistic but lonely young woman who works in housewares, has recently moved into her tidy apartment after the death of her invalid mother.

Assistant Manager Warren Grippo, a generous but awkward man of unflagging good manners, has unexpectedly dropped by Glenda s apartment after work.

After the lonely couple discovers a shared enthusiasm for the corporate ideals of Save-a-Bundle, Warren reveals that Glenda has been chosen Employee of the Month and confesses his desire to discuss with her some additional particulars of a more personal nature.

Meanwhile, Raymond Fetterman, a maintenance man and himself a former Employee of the Month is having lunch with his young friend and co-worker, Kenny Hinkle.

It is the eve of Raymond s 47th birthday, he s trapped in a job he hates, and Raymond has come to the painful realization that time is quickly running out on his chances of having a life.

As Raymond desperately yearns to escape the monotony of his life, the good-natured Kenny sympathetically listens and harbors a heartbreaking secret of his own.

This play was awarded the LA Drama Critics Circle Award, Backstage West s Garland Award, and was a Critic s Choice in the LA Times.

"Human comedy par excellence, as if Chekhov were reincarnated in America's Wal-Mart culture...Simpson's sympathy and affection for (his character's) weaknesses are signs of that rare combination of humanist with a genuine sense of humor."

- Los Angeles Times ..".Witty and insightful...not just a very funny show, but an unexpectedly poignant and decidedly human as well...Simpson writes with an unusual degree of humanity..." - Variety ..".Enchanting...delightfully funny and heartrending...With humor and despair always just a millisecond apart, Simpson's understated style aims squarely at the heart of working class ennui and scores a bull's eye.

This playwright is worth watching."

- Backstage West


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