Accidents Happen

J Michael Deangelis(Samuel French)

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Collection of short playsComedyWinner!

2009 NJACT Perry Award for Outstanding Production of an Original Play Seven of The Porch Room's best short plays collected together into an evening of comedy that proves that no matter what you plan for - accidents happen

Shorts include: Accidents Happen - Please beware of all safety procedures and take note of the emergency exits.

Nine Point Eight Meters Per Second Per Second - Balthazar Kent, ejected from an airplane, tries to regain control of his life through his cellphone.

Reunion Special - A desperate former child actor reunites with his now adult co-stars at a funeral.

The Clive Way - A motivational speaker mistakenly tries to empower a group of newly rehabilitated anger-management patients.

Hangman - A budding teenage philosopher-scientist searches for the truth by experimenting on his friend with a hallucinogenic cocktail.

Tricks of the Trade - Ralph teaches Eddie how to sell your soul for success.

The Banderscott - An infomercial marketer is pitched an astonishing product.

The shorts can be performed together as a full-length show or on their own as one acts.


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