A Piece Of Cake

Lucy Bennett(Josef Weinberger)

A Piece Of Cake Cover


Bridget Jones' meets 'Nigella Lawson' in this delicious romantic comedy!

When London city girl Penelope Hart is suddenly made redundant she seizes the chance to follow her life-long dream -- opening a cake shop.

She rents a ramshackle commercial property and goes about making her dream come true, helped by bumbling estate agent David, not-so-bright assistant Lizzie and a handsome carpenter named Peter.

Penelope soon discovers that running a business is anything but a piece of cake.

There are rats in the basement and nobody knows how to find the shop!

But Penelope bakes on, and as the business eventually starts to flourish, so does a romance between Penelope and Peter.

But then to put the icing on the cake, Penelope's sleazy ex-boyfriend arrives on the scene to tempt her back to the city and back into his arms.

A feast of entertainment that will have you laughing on the outside and give you a lovely warm feeling on the inside.

Just like you've eaten a piece of cake.


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