A Night Of Dark Intent

L Don Swartz(Samuel French)

A Night Of Dark Intent Cover


4.33 out of 5


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Mystery / Thriller Characters: 8 female (2 male recorded voices) Unit Set: Interior (living room, two bedrooms, and small attic).

Set in October 1978, A Night of Dark Intent is the story of six women, who spend the weekend together in an abandoned house.

The house, however, is no ordidary home: 13 years prior, it was the location of the grisley Stark chillings, in which young Lenora Stark brutally murdered her parents.

Now, as the six women try to unravel the secrets of what really happen 13 years ago, they learn a horrifying truth: Lenora Stark as escaped from her asylum and just might be coming home!

From the author of the popular Baker's Plays thiller Halloween Dreams, comes a new shrill-enducing chiller, in which six women must race against the clock to solve a murderrnand save their own lives.

With a story that thrills, twists, and turns, A Night of Dark Intent is the perfect night of theatre for any mystery lover!

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