A Louisiana Gentleman

Rosary Hartel O'neill(Samuel French)

A Louisiana Gentleman


Full Length, Southern Comedy Characters: 1 male, 3 female Unit Set Blaine Ashton, a medical student in his mid-twenties from a prominent New Orleans family, has fallen in love with a middle-aged actress and is getting married, much to the chagrin of his mentally disturbed sister and his eccentric, alcoholic old Aunt.

His Aunt forces him to take care of his sister after he's married and all the southern belles in the household are almost too much to bear.

The histrionics never stop as the women compete for Malter's love and attention.

Ultimately, an uneasy truce is called once a baby is born and Christmas rolls around, but continued craziness is undoubtedly in their future.

Especially powerful roles for women.

Also available in A Louisiana Gentleman and other New Orleans Comedies

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