A Hard Rain

Jon Bradfield(Nick Hern Books)

A Hard Rain Cover


3.25 out of 5


from 4 ratings and 1 review

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A play about what happens when you push things underground, set in New York 1969 in the sweltering few days before the eruption of the Stonewall riots.

Kicked out of the military after a year in Vietnam, Ruby rocks up in Greenwich Village in high heels and a rage, and meets the street kid who will change his world.

Jon Bradfield and Martin Hooper's vibrant drama unfolds in a mafia-run bar greased with smart-talking queers, bribe-happy cops and nervous Wall Street high-flyers.

<i>A Hard Rain</i> premiered at Above the Stag Theatre, London, in 2014.

'some cracking lines' packed with sharp gags and vibrant characters' <i>Time Out</i>

'[a] moving, colourful drama' [has] heart and resonance' <i>The Stage</i>

'amidst the drama, there is plenty of humour' <i>Attitude</i>

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