A Good Old-fashioned Big Family Christmas

David Patrick Cook(Dramatic Publishing)

A Good Old-fashioned Big Family Christmas Cover


"Hayden Stewart's wife, Judith, and her sisters, Carla and Beth, are worried about their parents.

"They argue all the time," Judith says.

When she mentions this to Hayden, he casually suggests maybe the women could spend some time with Jack and Arlene, their parents, and squelch any such arguments.

The next thing Hayden knows, Judith is planning a huge Christmas party with the whole family.

"And it was all Hayden's idea!" she boasts.

This doesn't set well with his brothers-in-law, who have a hard time getting along with Jack.

However, as time gets short and the party draws near, suddenly everyone is on their best behavior.

The husbands, the wives, even the kids.

Everybody is being good ... too good.

Is it possible to be TOO good?

That's what Jack and Arlene suspect when they arrive.

"Judith and Hayden must be having problems!" Arlene suspects.

Then she and Jack start "putting on the act."

Only the Stewarts' daughter, Phoebe, seems to be trying to start a fight.

This party has more intrigue behind it than a whole host of spy novels by the time Hayden's parents, Tom and Marjorie, join them.

Only Marjorie can see what's really going on.

All the traditional Christmas standbys are utilized as the family tries to throw A Good Old-Fashioned Big Family Christmas."--

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